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Why Teachers Love Us

-- 1 --
Everything is forever free. We are an independent nonprofit funded by generous donors who believe in the power of education and the impact teachers can have.

-- 2 --
Use some. Use it all. Whether you're refreshing or replacing your current materials, we've got the relevant content you need, just in time, at your fingertips.

-- 3 --
No more endless hours scouring the web and scrambling last minute for trusted content. It all here.

-- 4 --
We meet national and state standards, giving you peace of mind that our content is tested and true.

-- 5 --
We are non-partisan and believe that one of the solutions to our divided country starts with fostering critical thinking skills in today's students.


Why Students Love Us

-- 1 --
Our content is media rich, integrating popular video and audio that engages their shorter attention spans.

-- 2 --
We use smart phones and school-provided technology most students have. Everything is digitally delivered.

-- 3 --
Kids don't read like they used to. Our reading assignments are right-sized, reasonable, with video and audio clips strategically woven in.

-- 4 --
Teaching critical reasoning skills lets kids draw their own conclusions, form their own worldview, and develop problem-solving skills that will last them a lifetime.

So Many Ways to Use Us

Bell Ringers

A great way to start or finish a class. You're ready with the heart of the lesson, you just need a clever way to introduce it, or a powerful way to bring it home.

Discussion Questions

Encourage students to respond critically, think bigger, and connect their thinking to real world ideas and events.

Classroom Activities

Everything you need to plan, prepare and set up an activity your students will willingly participate in.

Mini Lessons

Mini Lessons are one-off and timely, offering your lessons reinforcement (or a needed change of pace), and driving home key concepts in a creative way.


Multiple choice, quick hit questions that keep students on their toes. Alternate versions and answer keys are also provided.


Dozens of meaningful exercises per subject that keeps students engaged with the topics at hand.


Dig Deeper By Subject