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Supporting a Generation of Independent Thinkers

1/3 of the world’s population has never been online.

25% of children and young adults are not attending school of any kind.

3 billion people do not have access to affordable,
reliable internet.

What We Do

We are a nonprofit digital learning company dedicated to fostering a generation of independent thinkers. We produce and distribute unbiased content and dynamic learning methods that teach individuals how to think independently and grow in wisdom so they can live abundant lives.

Why It Matters

As technology becomes commonplace, learning is no longer confined to traditional classrooms. Learners need dynamic tools and content designed for the 21st Century.

Why We're Different

Our goal is to equip individuals of all ages with the tools necessary to make up their own minds about complex issues. We do this with content that helps learners separate facts from interpretation, empowering them to exercise a well-formed judgment.

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