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Fostering a Generation of Independent Thinkers

1/3 of the world’s population has never been online.

25% of children and young adults are not attending school of any kind.

3 billion people do not have access to affordable,
reliable internet.

What We Do

We believe that education is the foundation of a healthy and thriving society and that students deserve access to well-rounded and unbiased education that prepares them for their future as informed and engaged citizens.

Why It Matters

Too often, students receive a narrow and biased education that fails to adequately prepare them for their role in society. This is especially true in the subjects of Civics, Economics, American History, and World History, where students are frequently exposed to one-sided perspectives and incomplete narratives.

How We're Different

We are committed to providing students with a comprehensive, unbiased, and high-quality social studies education. Our curriculum is accessible and engaging, using innovative instructional strategies and technologies to help students understand the world around them and prepare for their future.

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