Certell’s mission is to create informed and engaged citizens by supporting the innovative teachers who are disrupting our traditional civic education system

We do this by providing sensible, media-rich curriculum that equips teachers to connect with and motivate digitally-savvy students. The result is self-governing students who make up their own minds about complex issues.

Who We Are

Certell provides sensible and entertaining curriculum that animates the classroom and enables teachers to enage and motivate today’s connected students.

What We Do

We create comprehensive and flexible media-rich curriculum packages that leverage popular culture to make economics, personal finance, history, and civics exciting and relatable. Adopted by teachers in all 50 states, our curriculum app gives teachers and administrators the ability to retrieve real-time analytics on student learning.

Why It Matters

We believe the solution to our fractured society is to create avid lifelong learners who can process information thoughtfully. To succeed, we cannot teach the digital generation with analog methods. Certell’s curriculum handles the knowledge, allowing teachers to focus on conveying wisdom.

How We’re Different

Our goal is to help teachers teach students how to think—not what to think. Certell content gives students a sensible, informed foundation so they can think critically and engage constructively with others.