School Administrators

Technology is here to stay, and your school needs a way to adapt to it without busting the budget. We get it. What used to work in the past doesn't always work in the present. And to teach what you’ve got on your shelves — regardless of its age, format, or relevancy — isn’t helping anyone.

Your teachers look to you as a leader who provides solutions. Let Certell help you and your school by providing technology and curriculum resources for no cost.

Many of us at Certell cut our teeth teaching — a profession that's truly a calling, and one that calls for servant-leaders who can thrive on few accolades. Everything we do is passionately rooted in three core beliefs.

  • Administrators want to effectively equip their teachers.
  • Teachers want to empower their students to be independent, critical thinkers.
  • Students love technology and multimedia.

But if you believe like we do that the reward of critically —and independently— thinking students is worth the effort of updating your curriculum, then we might be just what you’re looking for. Certell’s curriculum does the following four things:


Lets teachers do what they do best.

Instead of spending time hunting for qualified content, our certified curriculum includes everything teachers need — lessons, quizzes, eBooks, reading assignments, bell ringers — to teach a full semester subject from start to finish. All they need to do is take it and modify it to best fit their student's needs.


Engages students in the language they know best — popular media.

Today's students are tech-savvy and accustomed to high-quality content delivered immediately to their smart devices. Our curriculum speaks their language of media-rich content  using both video and audio. From some of their favorite shows.


Increases exam scores.

Student improvement is the ultimate objective measure of success. Chalk-and-talk no longer cuts it with a device-driven generation. We combine reading and listening with relevant video and audio that engages students beyond simply absorbing material long enough to successfully take a test. The Read, Watch, Listen, Do method of instruction targets learners in multiple learning formats to increase comprehension. Many teachers and classrooms report an immediate increase in student exam scores.  


Saves money.

No more expensive textbooks that are outdated the day they are printed.  We provide a free eBook for your teachers and their students that is updated on a frequent basis.   The eBook is available on mobile or desktop and presents a variety of multimedia, images and audio clips to help capture a student's attention.

To find out more about how Certell can help you district-wide, take the next step and tell us a little bit about yourself — your schools, your district, your responsibilities — using the abbreviated form below, and we'll contact you soon to set up a phone call or a face-to-face meeting (if you prefer) to discuss your needs, challenges, time table, etc. And rest assured, the information you share is confidential and will never be sold or repurposed for any reason.

What else can we do for your district?

We are currently seeking school districts to partner in developing additional subjects.  Certell is passionate about creating high quality educational resources and providing them to educators around the world at little or no cost.  We need partners like you to help us create curriculum resources that can be used by all. By sharing the cost across multiple districts, we can create a digital, multimedia-rich course that can be continually updated and last indefinitely — for much less than the cost of replacing your traditional textbooks.

Contact us to get details about pursuing a partnership.

Read. Watch. Listen. Do.

How students really spend their time.

Where does all that time go?
  • TV: 4 hours, 29 minutes
  • Music: 2 hours, 31 minutes
  • Computers: 1 hour, 29 minutes
  • Video Games: 1 hour, 13 minutes
  • Print: 38 minutes

Today's multitasking media generation, with low-cost access to smart phones and nearly global access to Wi-Fi is changing everything we know about education. Including how they spend their time and, more applicably, how they learn. Meeting students where they're at instead of where we think they should be is the key to our approach and our curriculum. It addresses a device-dependent generation with a strategy that complements —not replaces— traditional teaching methods.

The standard chalk-and-talk methodology is primarily a one-way, passive approach where students sit, listen, and hopefully absorb information and then complete assignments and pass tests based on what they've absorbed. Research, however, shows that students become engaged when reading and listening is strategically combined with culturally-relevant video and audio that gets students plugged in by taking advantage of their obsession with today's technology.

So while the quizzes, assignments, and tests are part of our approach, they're certainly not all of it. By creating shorter, more focused reading assignments, combining them with engaging video and audio, and using technology most students already possess, it increases not only what they've learned, but also the likelihood that such learning will stay with them for life.