Oct. 18 – The Last Frontier

On Oct. 18, 1867, Russia formally transferred control of Alaska to the United States. Alaska was probably the first part of the Americas to be settled by wandering groups crossing the Bering land bridge around 14,000 BC. In the late 18th century, Russia traders, trappers and missionaries began colonizing it, but financial and political difficulties caused them to offer to sell it in 1867 to the United States in what is known as Sewards Folly. Only a few years later, prospectors discovered gold, and later, oil, making it quite a deal!


  1. Have you ever dreamed of moving to Alaska, the Last Frontier? (Following in the footsteps, say, of Alex Supertramp, the hero of Into the Wild?) To what do you attribute the draw of the increasing number of reality TV shows on Alaska?
  2. Much of Alaska continues to be wilderness, and there are never-ending disputes about balancing its preservation, with the use of its resources to improve human welfare. How should we balance such conflicting goals?
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