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High school teacher resources that engage students & inspire problem solving

Poptential™ is a family of free high school social studies courses that pair pop culture media with digital storytelling for effective hybrid learning. Increase classroom engagement with quizzes, lesson plans, bell ringers and more. Poptential™ is the evolution of Certell’s popular hybrid learning curriculum used by more than 100,000 teachers in 50 states. Available for high school American history, high school world history, government and economics.

Dynamic learning for higher education

Purchased by Certell in 2022,  HJC has offered accessible higher education for the high school graduates and working adults of West Virginia, Kentucky, and Ohio since 1936. Today, HJC’s affordable, career-focused programs help change the lives of learners everywhere through comprehensive, high-value, and accessible education to support the academic and career journeys of students based in the tri-state region and globally.

Digital distribution that enhances content, management and monitoring through a white label platform

PostPossible manages and distributes 3rd party content, innovative apps, offline capabilities to solve the last-mile problem for both content consumption and distribution, and robust and detailed analytics-paired with an innovative dashboard to measure impact.


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