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  • 1 SEMESTER A comprehensive introduction to government
  • 14 MODULES 4 American founding modules, 3 American institution modules, 7 American experience modules
  • DESIGNED for students who may only take one government course

Our government course is comprehensive, one-semester, and provides an introduction to American government. While it is designed to be the primary curriculum for a college or high school course, many of the materials are suitable for use in whole or in part at lower grade levels, as well. The course materials are designed to adapt to various learning styles by utilizing a Read, Watch, Listen, Do approach.

Module Overview

Module 1: Pre-Revolutionary America and the Coming of a New Nation
Module 2: The Articles of Confederation, Shays’ Rebellion, and the Call for a Constitutional Convention


Our government materials were written and produced by professors associated with Utah State University and Strata Policy. Current and former high school teachers, along with Certell staff, also contribute to our content under the direction of Dr. Fred Fransen.

How our content is organized:

  • UNITS: Summarize the main ideas your class should cover in about a month’s time.
  • MODULES: Contain the topics you will cover in roughly one week (each unit contains 3 to 5 modules).
  • SECTIONS: These are the daily lessons (each module contains about 5 sections).

Where to get our content:

Everything you need to teach our content is located in our Teacher Edition eBooks. In addition to the reading, videos, and other multi-media, Teacher Edition eBooks include things like discussion questions, quizzes, exams, and classroom activities. Every student in your class can also get their own Student eBooks so they can read and interact with the multi-media.


We will never share your contact information and we do not have access to any student information.

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I use Certell in both my U.S. History and U.S. Government classes. My students and I absolutely love it! Thank you Certell!

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